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Pain, whether physical or emotional, makes it difficult to enjoy daily life. Pain and discomfort often are the body's way of letting us know that something is out of balance on an energetic level. Rebalancing energy or eliminating blockages frequently can provide relief and promote good health. At GreenStone Natural Health I offer alternative healing techniques to assist you in regaining your healthy lifestyle and help prevent illness and injury from taking over your life.

As a Certified Acupressure Therapist, CranioSacral practitioner and Reiki Master with education in several additional related modalities, I am trained in a variety of safe, gentle, non-invasive techniques that use the body's own natural healing mechanisms. Clients have reported success in using my work, often as a complement to conventional medical treatment, for a variety of conditions such as:

- Chronic pain of the back, joints, neck & head
- Pain from old injuries including whiplash
- Stress
- Depression
- Tension-related disorders
- Sciatica
- High blood pressure
- Digestive disorders
- Fatigue
- Arthritis
.... as well as health maintenance and preventive care

Located in Portland, Maine my office is easily accessible and convenient to many areas of southern and mid-coast Maine as well as neighboring New Hampshire. I am committed to helping my clients create a natural health maintenance and preventive care plan that will work well alone or in conjunction with conventional treatment. To learn more about GreenStone Natural Health's light touch therapies contact me today.

"Lynn Breckinridge's energy therapy is at once gentle and powerful. Her work has been most effective in releasing pain and allowing me once again to enjoy daily life. She is extraordinarily attuned to my mind and body."

Peg B., South Portland
Fundraiser and Writer