Regular energy treatments with Lynn, as well as her personal support, are an integral part of my continued physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Lynn's work has helped me identify and release old trauma and injury from my body, and with her help I have learned how I can support my body's own healing. Her work complements both conventional western medicine and traditional eastern medicine to maximize their effectiveness in improving my overall health.
     Diane E., Biddeford

I went to see Lynn for pain and stiffness in my jaw and neck. After receiving acupressure and CranioSacral sessions, I'm now able to move my jaw and neck freely. And I've noticed greater flexibility and increased energy throughout my body."
     Joan A., Hollis
     Retired Teacher

"My doctor, an MD, recommended seeing Lynn as a way to manage my stress, which was identified as a contributing factor to my thyroid condition. Lynn tuned into my system immediately, and I began to notice benefits from the very first sessions: I was calmer and more aware of my body's responses to stress. After seeing her regularly for over a year, I still come away from every session more balanced and centered with greater self-awareness."
     Emily B., Portland.
     Marketing Director

"Chronic, long-standing back pain made it hard for me to sit, stand, or walk for any extended period - I was in nearly constant discomfort. Lynn's work resolved my back pain, plus the stiffness of a twenty-year-old ankle sprain. Now I not only play golf regularly, but even walk all 18 holes!"
     Elisabeth M., Falmouth